Labor Day Weekend

We will be closing at noon on Friday September 3, 2021 and will reopen for business on Tuesday, September 7.
Have a happy and safe Labor Day!

About Us

Electronic Parts Company, Inc. was incorporated in October 1955 and opened for business in November 1955.   It was and still is a locally owned company.   The original location was 222 Truman Street NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico.   In September of 1973, we moved into a new building at the present location, to provide more display area, and additional warehouse, office and parking space.

Electronic Parts Company offers the largest local stock of electronic components and instruments to Industrial, MRO, Dealers and General Customers, as well as Government Entities.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing the best quality products with the best quality service to all of our customers.

Whether you call or walk in, our experienced sales team is uniquely positioned to help you source the components you need.   We carry an extensive local inventory of discrete passive components, IC's, connectors, test instruments and accessories, wires, cables, chemicals, tools, soldering equipment and supplies, ESD protection gear, and a variety of other electronic items for the professional as well as for the hobbyist.    We are also authorized distributors for a number of other items, such as work benches, ergonomic chairs, or microscopes.   If we do not have it in stock, we will work with our ever-expanding database of suppliers to locate and bring in the components you need at the best price/delivery.

Keep in mind that we are not limited by what we carry in house, or by existing relationships.   If you need it, we will help you find it.   From A to Z...




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